“Bluebird” – a little known song

There’s a song called “Bluebird” that I included on my new Christmas album.  It’s little known to most people, co-written by rock guitarist, Robin Trower and his bass player, James Dewar, recorded in 1977.  Back in the day I was a fan of Robin Trower, but I’d never heard this song until fairly recently.  It’s […]

“Mary-Kathryn Christmas” – Get it NOW!

Mary-Kathryn Christmas!  Buy your Digital Downloads NOW at https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/marykathryn6  (CD’s available in the next few days)  This is my first Christmas record and it turned out exactly the way Co-Producer, Paul Buono, and I intended it to which is so rewarding.  It’s the kind of Christmas record that you put on and let play while […]

Art Inspires Art

A Testimony from Painter, Shawn D. Russell:  How my music inspired him to paint again and again.  Be encouraged as you read this!!! 10-17-18 I look back on it now….thankful at how God was faithful. I was in the midst of what would be a lengthy separation and eventual divorce. I was almost bankrupt. Fiscally […]