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On her fourth album, Dreams & Visions, Mary-Kathryn blends elements of soft pop, rock and folk with world music influences as diverse as the continents to create a spiritual amalgam that transcends musical boundaries.

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Sophisticated without being elitist; understated without being simplistic, Mary-Kathryn displays an emotional depth that can only be described as remarkable. The album features appearances by Hugh Marsh on Violin and Fergus Marsh on Chapman Stick & Bass, Tony Morra on Drums & Percussion, the Finnish vocal group Fire 4U, co-produced by Paul Buono and Mary-Kathryn and mixed by Tony Palacios at the Sound Kitchen.

While her earlier releases hinted at Mary-Kathryn’s world music influences, her new millennium release, One Spirit, exploded with exotic rhythms and Old World passions. Middle Eastern cadences nestled comfortably against Native American inflections. Traditional folk melodies from France, Italy, and America melded seamlessly with musical influences from such faraway lands as India and Ireland, Africa and Egypt. And shot through it all was a deep and abiding spirituality.



With Dreams & Visions Mary-Kathryn delves even deeper into the world music realm, painting word pictures on an aural canvas with exotic instrumentation, adroit production, and lyrics that are nothing short of God-haunted. But as Billboard Magazine’s reviewer so aptly put it, “the most affecting instrument…is Mary-Kathryn’s lovely voice.”

2 thoughts on “Dreams & Visions

  1. Greetings to you Mary-Kathryn from Sydney Australia
    In the 90’s I obtained your 2 CD’s Perfect Gift and Streams in the Desert and at the time I thought they were OK but didn’t really get into them, (although they did have some really good songs on them) and a couple of months ago a clip from the time you appeared with Gorden Robinson from CBN promoting your (then) new CD ‘Dreams and Visions’ and it really got my attention. I looked on youtube and I liked what I heard. Scouring the internet I acquired the CD and bought ‘One Spirit’ (on spec) and replayed the 2 earlier CD’s and started to appreciate them in a different way than I did then. Well I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my purshases and when I get like that I”know” that they will be something really special.
    Mary-Kathryn they are not just good but are 2 of the most outstanding examples of Christian music I have ever heard in the 43 years that I have been collecting Christian and Jewish music. 2B cont’d on One Spirit comment

    1. Mary-Kathryn

      Thank you so much for sharing this, Greg! The Holy Spirit has begun stirring things in such a powerful way in my life – especially over these past couple of months. A new season has begun, and I’ve started writing and preparing lyrics and music for a new album. I would so appreciate your prayers not only for direction and inspiration, but for provision as well.
      Richest blessings to you!

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