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It is more than the title of Mary-Kathryn’s album. It is her calling, her mission, her passion. “We are called by One Spirit,” she says. “One Holy Spirit. We serve One Lord. We are One Body. We must come together in unity under the headship of Christ, for we are much more powerful together than when we are divided.”

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The songs of One Spirit were birthed out of a mission calling to the Body of Christ.  It is a means of encouraging the members of the body to stir up their gifts and callings, to get busy about doing what God has called them to do, and to encourage them to be in unity with one another.”  

The talents of producer/arranger Roy Salmond (Layton Howerton, Carolyn Arrends) were enlisted to help capture Mary-Kathryn’s visionary music. And the inclusion of Canadian brothers Hugh Marsh (violin) and Fergus Marsh (bass, chapman stick), and African vocalists Aboubacar Camara and Yoro Noukoussi injects an authentic passion to the world music of One Spirit. A highlight of the project is Mary-Kathryn’s stirring duet with Juno Award winner, Steve Bell, on “Unto The Least of These.”


Mary-Kathryn imbues One Spirit with musical influences from such faraway lands as India and Ireland, Africa and Egypt. She calls on the memory of traditional folk melodies from France, Italy and America, and even incorporates Native American rhythms to make her point. “I want the American church to think about the fact that Christianity is not just an American experience. Jesus died for the world, and ultimately, when we get to the throne, there will be people from every nation and every tongue worshiping God.”

2 thoughts on “One Spirit

  1. (Continued from ‘Dreams and Visions’ Comments)
    The songs, the lyrics (and I love scripture more than anything else), the musicians, the production, the use of sitar and other wonderful instruments and I rate the CD cover of “Dreams and Visions” as the all time best cover on any Christian album. I thank God for the ministry you have and the dedication you and your team/band have given yourselves to.
    I hope that all future recordings will be the best that they can possibly be, annointed by the Holy Spirit glorifying YHWH our God and our righteous Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) and that you are able to reach a much wider audience before the darkness envelopes this present world and the judgements begin and the long awaited return of Messiah to rule from Jerusalem and bring righteous justice to this fallen world.
    Shalom and GBU

    1. Mary-Kathryn

      The cover for “Dreams and Visions” was shot in our basement and designed by Lawton Outlaw, a brother in the Lord who is an amazing graphic designer. When it was released in 2007, “Dreams and Visions” was sold and featured in the largest Christian bookstore in the U.S. as well as hundreds of New Age bookstores across the U.S. and in Canada. It received airplay on over 150 NPR (National Public Radio) stations, opened the door for me to appear on the 700 Club, received a 1st round Grammy nomination, and a full page article was featured about my music in Charisma Magazine. Our God is so good!

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