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the most affecting instrument…is Mary-Kathryn’s lovely voice.

— Billboard Magazine

. . . every song makes me feel like a child of wonder again, finding a cluster of uniquely designed shells and stones on the beach. Holding each up to the ear speaking in whispers, cries, shouts, laughter…it’s absolutely amazing.

— Randy Moomaw, Writer/Music Critic

. . .the mysticism of her music and the prophetic nature of her lyrics which have a broad-based sacredness to them.

— Spirit Page Guide

. . . the tracks are uptempo and with her voice gliding on top are reminiscent of Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac and even the Gaelic dream music of Clannad and Enya.

— Music Watch

. . . you hear that in her (Mary-Kathryn) a fire burns, which speaks to your imagination. Interlarded with world music, the lyrics she wrote paint an exotic canvas, which especially puts God into the center.

— Patrick Wiele – Keys & Chords Rock Magazine, Keys & Chords Rock Magazine

What you are doing is so fresh – and real…”Incense of Praise” was the #1 requested song of 2008 on KNLR/KNLX here in Oregon. You are a new pioneer.

— Kyle Liedtke, Program Director, KNLR/KNLX Radio – Oregon

. . . great musicianship, excellent production skills, and last but not least, expressed by Mary-Kathryn’s magical and mesmerizing voice that is singing from the one heart that connects us all

— Suzanne Doucet, Leading Edge Review

This is great driving music, for body and spirit: food for the soul, candy for the heart, and balm for the mind. Crank it up, so you can hear it over the vacuum, and dance the house clean — mood and matter. “

— Mountain Shasta Magazine

Mary-Kathryn’s voice is captivating and mature – ripe with beauty and passion.

— Tony Tolin, Planet Lightworker

. . . Dreams & Visions is a transcendental listening experience. A truly rapturous collection, highly recommended.

— Bookwatch Magazine

Dreams & Visions is a musical banquet offering delicacies for the heart, soul and mind.

— Chiwah, The Light Connection

. . . one of the most admirable things about Dreams & Visions: its willingness to think outside the box.

— Cameron Conant, Christian Retailing

A fusion of African percussion and AAA synthness with a nondenominational Christian message. Mary-Kathryn is a talented arranger as well as singer, and she performs with an easy-to-take spirituality.

— Mike McGuirk

Though many of the songs are directed toward God, they also convey comfort. . . Mesmerizing and soothing are two words that come to mind in connection with Mary-Kathryn’s music.

— Michael Dalton

Mary-Kathryn is an incredible talent. Her voice is mesmerizing, her lyrics absolutely inspiring and her musical style and influences embrace many cultures. She blends New Thought, New Age, Pop, World and Christian based spirituality in a very unique way. I love her newest album “Dreams & Visions” but I also like her previous CDs One Spirit and Stream in the Desert If you like Loreena McKennit, Enya or Sarah Brightman you will enjoy Mary-Kathryn.

— Tajalli Moonstar “Taj”

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