Live at Grace Center DVD

MK_DVD_CoverThe DVD was shot live at Grace Center in Franklin, Tennessee.  It was an amazing time and an experience you need to have!  Live with my Different World band we performed songs from my Dreams & Visions album – Paul Buono on sitar and electric guitars, Rich Stevens on keyboard, Bart Elliott on drums and percussion, Mario Sangermano on bass, and Alison Stevens on keyboard and background vocals.

The creative process, recording in the studio, and rehearsals are all in preparation for the live music performance.  Performing live is an amazing experience for me.  I’ve sung my songs with an acoustic combo of guitar and djembe on Borders tours and in coffee shops, as well as on grand stages with full band.  Each set is uniquely crafted to capture the essence of the recordings that I’ve done.  The world music flavors and ethereal piano or strings must be heard to create a unique experience for the listener.

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In studio production you can make the sounds as lush or as simple as you like, as an artist.  You’re the painter with a pallette full of colors to choose from.  But when it comes to capturing those sounds live, I’ve had to deliberately hone in on the sounds that are speaking the message of that particular song.  And my team and I have been successful at doing just that over the years.

It’s important for me to express to the audience, through my music and dance in a live show, the Spirit that has filled my songs with freedom and with sounds that carry the listener away on a wonderful journey.  My heart’s desire is to create moments that are not only audible and provoke an emotional connection, but memorable because they’ve conjured a vision that has somehow brought hope and made a heart connection.

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