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Since the day I feel that I truly met God, I’ve had a heart full of gratitude for all that He’s done and has promised to do in my life. It’s from that fullness of gratitude that worship (and a vision of what God was trying to accomplish in and through me) came pouring out. I began hearing the voices and the sounds of the nations within my spirit, and it was these sounds and these voices crying out to God that have inspired my writing.

My prayer is that somehow you might experience the presence of the Holy Spirit as you listen to my music, and through that experience, you might gain a new revelation of who God is and who He wants to be in your life.


Mary-Kathryn Christmas is available Now

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Mary-Kathryn’s other music includes the following:


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    1. Mary-Kathryn

      Hi, Yvette! I’ve sold lots of accompaniment tracks over the years, and can get you what you need. Which songs would you be interested in?

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