Unto You – lyrics

Jehovah – Adonai (Sovereign God)
Jehovah – Rapha (God our Healer)
Jehovah – Shalom (God our Peace)
Jehovah – Tsidkeenu (God our Righteousness)
Jehovah – Mekaddishkem (God our Sanctifier)
Jehovah – Shammah (God who is Present)

You are high and lifted up, Lord
You are high and lifted up
Unto You we sing our praises
Unto You we lift our cup

For You alone dwell in the Holy Place
You alone are on the throne
So we lift our hands toward heaven
Unto You, and You alone

There are no gods before You
There are none, no, not one
You alone are the Living God
You alone are three in One

So, we bow down before You
We bow down before our God
We sing praises and adore You
We sing praises to our God

Jehovah – Adonai
Jehovah – Rapha
Jehovah – Shalom
Jehovah – Tsidkeenu
Jehovah – Mekaddishkem
Jehovah – Shammah

Words & Music by Mary Kathryn, Copyright 1994

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