“Wonders In the Deep” – a glimpse at my journey

As I write, I’m in the middle of production on my upcoming album – “Wonders In the Deep.”  This has been a long process compared to my 4 previous.  Maybe because I haven’t had the budget I’ve had in the past.  Maybe because I was distracted. I think it’s something more . . .

It seems that God’s timing has been both the gauge and the monitor on when and how this collection of songs would come about.  He’s determined the pace because His view from above is all encompassing. I remember Him telling me, “There will be provision, but it will come in increments” which is exactly how it’s been. He sees the big picture. I can also look back over the last 2 years and see how all that I’ve experienced has changed me; how every experience has brought me closer to the Lord and caused me to seek the deeper things for creative expression.

Ever wonder why some things just don’t happen when you want them to?  There are lots of potential reasons, of course, but one of them may simply be God’s timing.  There are some things in life that just have to unfold.  Some things that just have to be walked out.  You can’t, as much as you’d like, skip the process.  These are the things that mold our character and bring us into a maturity that would have otherwise been denied us.

Be encouraged! God is faithful to complete the work He’s begun in you, and He is faithful to bring His promises and purposes to pass.  I know that as I have persevered in making this new album, God has been faithful in the meantime, to bring everything needed to accomplish the work He’s given me.  What’s He NOT ever done for you?

1 Corinthians 2:9

“That’s why we have this Scripture text: No one’s ever seen or heard anything like this, Never so much as imagined anything quite like it – What God has arranged for those who love him.”

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