In the Studio: New Album Progress

I’ve been in the studio with my producer Paul Buono and a wonderful cello player from the Annie Moses Band, Benjamin Wolaver who has contributed to two songs on my new album:  “Nathanael’s Song” and “Elohim.”  What a blessing to get to make music and work with such gifted musicians.

Since the first day I put on my headphones to record Perfect Gift in 1994 until now, I’ve loved being in the studio.  Writing songs has always been very cathartic for me (sometimes poetry, sometimes interpreting what the music is saying), but recording is like being on the playground:  lots of friends to play with, using our imaginations and giving one another space for self-expression.  Work is play!  I’m able to create layers of sound colors on an intangible canvas that becomes an audible experience for the heart and soul.  I feel so blessed.

I’ll be posting more information on the progress of my new albumWonders In the Deep so join my mailing list to get the latest news, and come back to my website to check my latest blog posts.

"Elohim" and "Nathanael's Song"

In the studio 4/13/11

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