New Album In the Works

Writing music and actually releasing it for others to hear has always been a leap of faith for me.  I guess some artists are braver than others, but it’s pushing past the fear and daring to share your heart with strangers that’s probably the most rewarding part.  Not that everyone’s going to love it, but that some might be encouraged or inspired by it.  I’ve learned, after 6 albums and 25 years, that it’s worth every bit of the pain of “song-birth” to make music that might be heart changing, soul healing, or Spirit revealing.  It’s worth the time spent in those hours alone in the quiet listening . . . for the sounds, the melodies, the words that might bring together a moment for someone else to experience their own epiphany.

Once again, I’m taking the leap of faith and creating a new album.  I’ve just begun production on the first song “Forever Changed.”  The lyrics are a poem I wrote recently after a friend’s mom passed away.  It caused me to reflect on my own life, and how each of us will experience very particular things that will cause us to be forever changed.  So many things throughout our lives shape us and change us and are making us who we are.  Our hearts and minds can be shaped and changed for the better, because through it all God is speaking.  My prayer is that my ears and eyes might always be open to whatever He is saying or revealing.  I don’t want to miss being forever changed . . . for good.

“Forever Changed”
by Mary-Kathryn

I saw a ball of blue and green
The love of God for it was seen
And as it turned I then saw me
And I was forever changed

I heard a lion, its roar so loud
It sent a wave across the crowd
Most were afraid, some turned away
But I was forever changed

I heard a song from up above
On wings of light, on wings of love
Bypassing mind, straight to the heart
And I was forever changed

I saw a lamb upon a tree
The pain it bore, the agony
They took it down, the scars remain
And I was forever changed