Skydiving In the Moonlight

Not long ago I had a dream. It began with me being the last person up to jump out of a skydiving plane, and as I looked down and saw all the others who’d jumped before me, I took the plunge.  It was such a warm and beautiful, moonlit night; everything glowing with a kind of soft blue hue as I fell through the air with an amazing peace.  All I could think was that this wasn’t scary at all. It was fantastic! There wasn’t any sound or pressure of the wind, but instead it was quiet and felt like a gentle breeze.

Suddenly I thought, “This is my first time to skydive! Shouldn’t I have an experienced partner?” At that moment I saw a guy below and off to my left. Tilting toward him I asked, “Am I supposed to be diving with you?” “Yes!” he said. And as we fell together I had the greatest sense of peace, safety; what an amazing experience this was. Getting nearer the ground I said, “Shouldn’t we open our parachute?”  He said kind of non-chalantly, “Yeah . . .” and before I knew it we had landed softly on the ground without it.

When I awoke from this dream I felt so happy.  Maybe I’ll write a song about it . . . without using the words “free falling” of course.

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