What I Hear God Saying

In March, we (my husband, the kids and I) took our annual Spring Break trip to Florida.  While we were there I had a dream, that I’m still seeking the interpretation of, which ended with the Lord speaking these words,“Good is coming, but with a sting.” When I awoke, I asked Him what these words meant and He gave me a vision of a giant syringe needle coming toward me as if I were getting a shot.  It looked so big, and like it was really going to hurt, but then I realized it was only a little sting and I felt so much better after receiving it.

Since that time, I’ve asked the Lord what He meant by all this and He revealed that this word is for the Body of Christ. He said that what has ailed us – our fear and dread of persecution – has crippled our ability to have impact and bring lasting change to our society and the world around us.  Our fear and dread of persecution has completely handicapped much of the Body, but . . . He has a good medicine to cure us. We have believed the enemy’s lie that persecution will kill us, but the Lord says, “No. It will not kill you. It will be only as a sting; a sting that will heal and make you stronger.  Good is coming, He said, “but with a sting.”

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