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“Ships” is a new song from my upcoming album Wonders In the Deep, and was inspired by one of my favorite scripture passages (Psalm 107:23-24) where it says, “Some went down to the sea in ships, doing business on the great waters; they saw the works of the Lord, his wonders in the deep.” A powerful metaphor for life that I can relate to; taking risks like a sailor who has launched out into the deep seas, not knowing what he may encounter from one moment to the next. The oceans are unpredictable and storms can arise without notice. How we respond to those storms is what determines whether we survive to reach another shore, or experience shipwreck. Psalm 107 offers the answers for survival to every challenge we may find ourselves in. To search one’s own soul is to venture into the deep waters. There we will see God’s wonders!

Listen to “Ships” now by clicking here – it’s song #3 on the player.

3 thoughts on “Ships – new song preview

    1. Mary-Kathryn

      Thank you, Herman! You can find all the lyrics to my songs by hovering over Music at the top of my webpage. The title of each of my albums will appear. As you hover over the title, the name of each song will appear. Click on each song to find the lyrics. I’m so blessed to know my songs have inspired you!

    2. Mary-Kathryn

      Unreleased song lyrics (from my upcoming album “Wonders In the Deep”) I believe are posted on my most recent blogs.

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