Reflect His Light

Some people have a way of just brightening your day, don’t they?  They smile and say encouraging words.  It’s like there’s a light shining out from their hearts, making everyone else feel better about themselves.  We want to be around them.  We want to hear what they have to say. We feel loved by them.  Jesus must have been like that when He walked on the earth, because He was and IS the Light.

As a believer in Jesus, I know His light has come to shine in my heart.  So, this causes me to ask myself the question, “Can others see it?”  Proverbs 27:19 says, “As water reflects a face, so a man’s heart reflects the man.”  What’s my heart reflecting? Sometimes I feel like it’s reflecting things I don’t want it to!  But I’m so encouraged when I read 2 Corinthians 3:18 that says, “And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.”  So, though I’m not perfect, like a mirror I’m reflecting God’s light into the darkness.  We as believers are God’s light reflectors, shining the way for others to find Him and be saved. 

Listen to my song called “Light” now.  It’s #11 on the player.


One thought on “Reflect His Light

  1. Bruce

    I wanted to say that the Lord has used your music to help me to pray and sing in the Spirit through out the whole day. This enables me to walk in the Spirit and to be filled with the Spirit speaking to myself in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs…your music helps me to do this thru out the day.

    I thank God for your life and allowing Him to flow thru you.

    Be blessed!


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