Art Inspires Art

The Storm by artist Shawn D Russell inspired by the song Psalm 91

A Testimony from Painter, Shawn D. Russell:  How my music inspired him to paint again and again.  Be encouraged as you read this!!!


I look back on it now….thankful at how God was faithful. I was in the midst of what would be a lengthy separation and eventual divorce. I was almost bankrupt. Fiscally and spiritually. I was a youth pastor and worship leader struggling to “keep it together.”

One day while in worship I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me to paint. I ignored Him. That same week I took a lunchtime trip to the mall where He led me to the Family Christian Bookstore. I’d learned by now that whenever He did this, He had something for me.

I was like, “Ok, God….WHAT IS IT?”  There sitting on the shelf was your CD . . . Dreams and Visions.   I often flow in the prophetic and the cover spoke volumes to my spirit.  I purchased it and immediately opened it and inserted it into the CD player in my car. Those first chords…..booong!  Hooked!

It was a daily grind. Facing divorce, eviction, repossessions….but I wouldn’t let go. The praise and worship was cool, but the CD was speaking to my spirit.

So eventually, I answered God’s call to paint. Almost 20 years without painting, but I began to believe again. Three times I went to the store to get art supplies. Each time with very little money to spend.  Each time God showed Himself strong by using people in line to literally pay for my supplies.  And so upon completion of the last trip I went home and soaked in His presence. All night into early morning.  I sat in front of the canvas and easel with paint brush in hand. Nervous. I asked Him how to do it, and His response was simply surrender.  And I did.

11:38 by artist Shawn D Russell Inspired by Incense of Praise

About two weeks later, upon the Lord’s instruction, I saw prisoners from our prison ministry fall on their knees in from of my painting and surrender their lives to God.  I knew then that I would never stop painting. Never again.  After this first encounter, I began to play your music to help me focus and unlock what God has deposited in me. Oftentimes the results are simply MIND BLOWING!

You can find Shawn and his inspired paintings on Facebook.


2 thoughts on “Art Inspires Art

  1. Cynthia Russell

    I am proud to say that Shawn Russell is my Beloved Son.
    I must find the music that inspires him.
    May GOD continue to BLESS him & you’re insprirational music.

    1. Mary-Kathryn

      Thank you, Cynthia! It’s wonderful to meet you. I’m very blessed to have connected with Shawn. You can find my music at, Amazon, iTunes and lots of other online music sources. God bless you!

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