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Kickstarter – Join my team!

We’re so close to finishing the new album – Wonders In the Deep!  The songs have been written and recorded (you can hear a few of them now on my music page).  We’re down to the final steps of mixing, mastering, packaging and duplicating.  I say “we” because it really takes a tremendously gifted team […]

Art Inspires Art

It’s amazing to me how art and creativity always inspire more art and creativity.  When I listen to spirit-stirring music, watch an orange sunset in a turquoise sky,  the way the limbs of a tree are swayed by the wind, feel the velvety softness of a flower petal . . . so much creativity that […]

Music That Heals

I received this message from a woman in Missouri today and am unbelievably blessed by it.  She found one of my CD’s and began listening.  In just moments she was receiving the revelation that God was with her in the middle of her trials.  Another powerful testimony of how God can