Art Inspires Art

It’s amazing to me how art and creativity always inspire more art and creativity.  When I listen to spirit-stirring music, watch an orange sunset in a turquoise sky,  the way the limbs of a tree are swayed by the wind, feel the velvety softness of a flower petal . . . so much creativity that surrounds us can inspire us.  The God-given art and creativity of others inspires the God-given art and creativity in us.   We are somehow connected and yet unique all at the same  time as we allow another’s work to bring out a freedom of expression in ourselves.  Our hearts are revealed on canvas or through music, in dance or through our writings.

Recently, a dear friend named Maxine sent me a painting she called “Grace” and told me that she was inspired to paint it while listening to a song on my Dreams & Visions album called “Incense of Praise.”  Maxine and I have never met in person.  We’ve only conversed with one another over the internet, but I know her heart and I see her love for God and His people through her writings and her paintings.  Thank you for sharing, Maxine!

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