The Spiritual Significance of Music

THE SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE OF MUSIC is an epic anthology of exclusive interviews with over 500 of the world’s most visionary leaders in music and spirituality. Prelude provides readers with a brief introduction, and Encore encapsulates a summary of this ambitious project. The complete portfolio is freely available. Go to

My interview with DJ, producer and music journalist Justin St. Vincent of Xtreme Music:

Sound waves are filling the air continuously. Some sounds are agitating and irritate, while others calm and bring peace. Music is filled with a combination of sounds that are specifically organized and harmonized to provoke a response from the listener, much like the visual arts only sound waves bring an instant connection or touch point with the human body, through vibrations that penetrate the body. We are affected emotionally as well, through the combination of sounds and chord progressions. For me, listening to music can be somewhat compared to splashing in a mud puddle or diving into the ocean, depending on what I’m listening to. I’m effected by it. I’m feeling it. It’s surrounding me or touching me in some way, emotionally and physically. In addition, music is an absolute spiritual experience, good or bad. From the spirit flows the ability to play the instrument, to manipulate the sound, and then to the spirit that sound is carried on waves that wash over and through to bring an effect. When I sing in the spirit, I am singing to bring healing not only to myself but to communicate a healing to others. Music has the power to reach the spirit and the soul for many different purposes.

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  1. Mary-Kathryn, If PAPA’s children understood what took place when they sang, they would walk around singing all day and night long. Some weeks ago I was feeling melancholy when I received your CD in the mail. For some reason I was interested in the song, “Tehillah”. After I had played it once, I placed the player on repeat and just bathed myself in my PAPA’s love, peace and rest. I did not understand a word of what you were singing, but HIS SPIRIT ministered to me in such a special tangible way. Blessings and Grace, from Lennart in South Africa

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